Seawater Desalination
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XTS Manufaturing Seawater Desalination Indonesia

  • Just only feed Seawater ! Then you can get Potable water !
  • The most compact and eco-friendly design in the world !
  • Continuous removing impurities by built-in Full automatic back-washable Microfiltration
  • Perfect removing plankton and bacteria by built-in Hollow-fiber up to 0.04 micron
  • Saving electricity by built-in Energy Recovery Device over 40% than conventional SWRO
  • No chemical and consumable media for pre-treatment
  • Realization of membrane Long-life Design by intelligent backwashing process and auto CIP
  • Using Super Duplex Pump and Duplex Piping to prevent the corrosion
  • Full Automatic, Digital, Easy Control Design for beginner
  • Remote control by mobile and internet


 Fresh water generator on Shipboard

 Potable water for Island

 Resort and Hotels, Public buildings on Sea side

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